Wilhelm Farm

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  • Factsheet No. 1: A Summary of Agroforestry Systems for Connecticut and New England
  • Factsheet No. 2: Considering Silvopasture Systems in Connecticut and Southern New England
  • Factsheet No. 3: Wet Pasture into Silvopasture: Guidelines & Steps using Hybrid Poplar
  • Factsheet No. 4: Biophysical Metrics for Agroforestry – Measures & Uses of Simple, Inexpensive Information to Guide Management
  • Factsheet No. 5: Trees as an investment
  • Factsheet No. 6: Timber Prices and Price Projections for Southern New England
  • Factsheet No. 7: Forest investments – Wilhelm Farm Examples
  • Factsheet No. 8: Windbreaks on Wilhelm Farm
  • Factsheet No. 9: A Household Economics Perspective on Small Farm and Forest Ownership
  • Factsheet No. 10: Riparian Protection on Wilhelm Farm
  • Factsheet No. 11: Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Southern New England Farms and Forests
  • Factsheet No. 12: Trees and Brush into Silvopasture: Low-Cost Guideline & Steps Using Goats
  • Factsheet No. 13: Forest Farming on Wilhelm Farm
  • Factsheet No. 14: Alley Cropping Plans for Wilhelm Farm
  • Factsheet No. 15: Permaculture and Landscape Design – Wilhelm Farm Case Study
  • Final Project Report: This report for the CIG project summarizes what was learned and reported in factsheets, PowerPoint slides and videos.

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