Wilhelm Farm

Birds (May 2019)

One by-product of my recent stay on Wilhelm Farm as an impromptu bird inventory. Since I was spending a lot of time walking the fields and woods to photograph and record various things, I tried to capture a few of the birds I was seeing and hearing. My birding skills are rudimentary, but even so it was obvious that the farm provides a very diverse habitat, and over my stay we were able to visually ID over 40 species. I feel certain that if someone with more experience had been there, particularly someone with skill identifying bird song, we would have IDed well over 50 varieties. These numbers compare very favourably with an Audubon Bird Habitat Assessment carried out in April of 2015 (where 43 IDs were confirmed), and is one indication that the ongoing development of the farm is having a positive impact on the eco-system. (Michael Bentley)